LP Clavicle Brace Posture Corrector
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  • Promotes healthy posture.
  • Excellent aid in correcting poor posture and shoulder slump.
  • Immobilizes clavicles to aid healing.
  • Hook and loop closure allows the brace to be put on and removed without assistance.
  • The clavic brace is a made of a combination of high-quality materials, polyester for comfort and wear-ability; nylon for flexibility, comfort and strength; and rayon for a soft comfortable textured fabric.
  • The superior design immobilizes your clavicle, preventing you from aggravating an injury and allowing the healing process to happen naturally without the need for total upper body immobilization.
  • The padded shoulders with soft rayon lining allow you to continuously wear this brace for hours without irritation or discomfort, allowing normal movement without cutting off circulation or binding the shoulder joint.
  • Designed with both men and women in mind, you can comfortably wear this brace, even under clothes, directly against the skin.
  • Not recommended to be worn while sleeping.
  • When worn properly this brace promotes proper posture and eliminates shoulder slump and poor posture, by providing a constant reminder to maintain proper posture, whether you are sitting, standing or walking.
  • The adjustable straps allow you to change the tension from firm to mild support as your injury or condition improves.



The LP 901 Clavicle Brace is a suitable for correcting shoulder slumping and poor posture. It can help post clavicle fractures as it immobilizes the clavicle to aid healing.

Additional Information :

Product size

X SMALL 53.7cm-63.5cm 21.12"-25"
SMALL 63.5cm-76.2cm 25"-30"
MEDIUM 76.2cm-88.9cm 30"-35"
LARGE 88.9cm-104.1cm 35"-41"
X LARGE 104.1cm-116.8cm 41"-46"