LP Extreme Open Knee Support with Strap Patellar Tracking Open Knee Brace
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  • The unique opposite fastening system provides continuous, comfortable compression to support weak knee joint.
  • LP knee supports function to correct knee alignment and disperse excessive internally rotating stress to the knees during pedaling.
  • Wearing a knee support is recommended to prevent patefellofemoral pain syndrome by decreasing excessive stresses to the knee joint.



Exclusive reinforced Knee free patella pad prevents displacement. Anterior and posterior hook and loops strap closure for extra stabilization and custom fit. provides comfortable and reliable stability Biking is a popular recreational activity. Compared to other recreational activities such as jogging, biking (cycling) is a low impact method to perform regular exercise and stay healthy, that rarely results in serious pain and injury. Small changes in bike setup influence riding position (trunk, neck, upper and lower extremities) and its kinematics which can often lead to biking injuries. Several studies indicated that 85% of cyclists suffer chronic and overuse injuries such as neck pain, median nerve palsy and patellofemoral pain syndrome etc. Among these injuries, Wilber et al found 41.7% had knee problems. This is because the foot pronates during a pressure step down phase, delivering an internally rotating stress to the medial side of the knee.

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