LP Knee Support Open Knee Brace Patella Femoral syndrome
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  • Faster resorption of oedemas and deposits.
  • Prevention of atrophy.
  • Excellent media lateral control and relief of the patella.
  • Fast elimination of effusions.
  • Improved blood flow through the soft tissue of the joint.

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Oval silicone insert applies intermittent compression around the knee joint, constantly massaging the soft tissue around the injured area. Opening relieves pressure prevents patellar displacement. The compression is absorbed by the highly elastic material and transmitted only to the soft tissue below. The surrounding profile ring ensures firm control of the patella and reduces its medio lateral displacement.

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Product size

X SMALL 27.9cm-31.8cm 11"-12.5"
SMALL 33cm-36.8cm 13"-14.5"
MEDIUM 36.8cm-40.6cm 14.5"-16"
LARGE 40.6cm-44.5cm 16"-17.5"
X LARGE 44.5cm-50.8cm 17.5"-20"