Mueller Cho Pat Achilles Tendon Strap Foot Protectors Achilles Tendon Ankle Brace
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  • Effective and functional.
  • Use in conjunction with other forms of therapy such as ice and stretching.
  • Easy to apply and adjustable.
  • Strap works by reducing stress on the achilles tendon in 2 ways: (1) by spreading muscular contraction forces away from the achilles tendon and (2) by promoting an early heel rise.



Unique strap provides relief from pain and discomfort of achilles tendonitis. Helps user return to daily activity. Ideal for athletes involved in running and jumping sports - basketball, volleyball, soccer, jogging, walking. Achilles tendonitis is a common ailment in athletes involved in running and jumping sports whereby inflammation of the achilles tendon results in pain and possible swelling. This may be related to over-training or unaccustomed use.

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Product size

MEDIUM 27cm-29cm 10.5"-11.5"
LARGE 29cm-32cm 11.5"-12.5"