Oppo Knee Patella Stabilizer Patellar Tracker Knee Tendon Injury Knee Support
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  • Neoprene circle pad around the patella provides padded protection and stabilization to prevent patella displacement.
  • Four neoprene straps provide support directly to patella area.
  • Two medial and lateral stays provide additional support and stability for the knee.
  • Helps relieve pain from tendinitis and arthritis.
  • Retains body heat to warm knee joint and increase blood circulation.



Suitable for Arthritis, Knee Strain/Sprain, Knee Instability and Patellar Instability. Recommended by professionals and athletes.

Additional Information :

Product size

SMALL 33.3cm-37.5cm 13.12"-14.75"
MEDIUM 37.5cm-40.6cm 14.75"-16"
LARGE  40.6cm-45.1cm 16"-17.75"
X LARGE 45.1cm-50.2cm 17.75"-19.75"
XX LARGE 50.2cm-55.3cm 19.75"-21.75"