Oppo Knee Stabilizer Open Knee Stabilizer Patellar Tracking Brace
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  • The front opening design and easy open closure straps make the brace suitable of the arthritic or elderly patient who may suffer from limited dexterity.
  • Spiral stays provide stabilization and support for the knee following strains, injury or surgery.
  • For arthritic knee conditions, minor sprains and strains.



Prevents Knee swelling and knee instability. Suitable for weak knee and arthritis pain. Recommended by professionals and athletes.

Additional Information :

Product size

SMALL 30.5cm-34.3cm 12"-13.5"
MEDIUM 34.3cm-38.1cm 13.5"-15"
LARGE 38.1cm-41.9cm 15"-16.5"
X LARGE 41.9cm-45.7cm 16.5"-18"
XX LARGE 45.7cm-49.5cm 18"-19.5"