Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome LP Knee Brace
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  • Made from 75% breathable neoprene foam.
  • Effective in altering the mechanics of patella femoral articulation.
  • Tried and tested by leading athletes.
  • Convenient adjustable strap.
  • Features hard wearing stretch nylon exterior lamination.



Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome LP Knee Brace is especially helpful for alleviating Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. Adjustable strap provides extra compression to the patellar tendon. Helps relieve pain and inflammation of the tibial tubercle associated with Osgood Schlatter disease. Spiral stays on each side provide medial and lateral support.

Additional Information :

Product size

SMALL 33cm-36.8cm 13"-14.5"
MEDIUM 36.8cm-40.6cm 15"-16"
LARGE 41.9cm-44.4cm 16"-17.5"
X LARGE 45.7cm-50.8cm 18"-20"