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  • Inflatable Original McKenzie Airback Lumbar Roll provides lumbar support and relief from lower back pain.
  • Offers a convenient solution for treating lower back pain while on the move.
  • Folds to the size of a wallet making it discreet and portable for long distance travel.
  • Allows you varying degrees of firmness and support depending on the air pressure applied.
  • This McKenzie Air Back lumbar roll when used correctly, can prevent and help neck and back pain caused by poor posture.


The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll was designed by world-renowned physiotherapist Robin McKenzie as part of the McKenzie Lumbar Roll range.The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll was the first ever lumbar support made in the world. When used correctly, this versatile back support cushion can prevent and help to alleviate neck and back pain caused by poor posture. Made to the highest quality and specification, this authentic lumbar roll is recommended for use on soft furnishings such as sofas and lounge chairs. It is also ideal for use in the home, office or car for people who require lots of support, such as those with a heavier build or those with a large hollow in their lower back.