The Original McKenzie Slimline Roll Back Support for Chair Office Chair Back Support
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  • The mock mesh fabric construction is moisture wicking, very durable, and closely conforms to the contours of a lumbar roll while it is compressed.
  • At only 2 1/2 " deep with the shape of a crescent moon, the SlimLine is ideal for elderly or petite people and those who cannot tolerate larger, more intrusive supports.
  • Ideal for use on modern seating with lumbar support.
  • Slimline is ideal for use by elderly or smaller users.
  • Ideal for those with limited motion in lower back.
  • Provides effective support and real results.


Medium Density and flatter design "for just that little bit extra": The Original McKenzie® Slimline Roll is designed to be used with modern seating that has some lumbar support. Ideal for the elderly or petite persons and those who have a limited range of motion in their lower back and therefore cannot tolerate the larger size lumbar roll.