Vulkan Airxtend Knee Support Knee Pain Relief Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
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  • Variable compression support (VCS).
  • Contour design minimizes bunching behind the knee.
  • Three straps allow for adjustable tension to provide a custom fit.



This Vulkan Airxtend Knee Support is designed with three adjustable tension straps to ensure a close-fitting form that perfectly contours your body, with minimal bunching and slippage. Thanks to its slim line construction, the support can be worn discreetly under everyday clothing for treatment and support throughout the day. The Vulkan Airxtend range offers effective and durable support to the knee joint. The open patella design helps to stabilise the kneecap, while the padded double layer at the knee offers extra protection where you need it most. The fully adjustable Vulkan Airxtend Knee Support expertly moulds to your body shape, so one size fits all.

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One Size Fits Most