Vulkan Knee Brace Open Patella Meniscus Pain Relief
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  • Opening on the patella, stitched buttress.
  • Helps provide stability around the knee.
  • Helps proper tracking of patella.
  • Helps to improve patella tracking and prevents tendon injury in sports.
  • Open patella helps relieve pressure on kneecap.



With its opening on the patella, this Vulkan knee support has a stitched buttress, which gives extra support to the patella. The lightweight and durable material makes this knee support long lasting, while the opening makes it comfortable to wear. The Vulkan knee free patella can be used for both everyday use during sporting activities and following an injury to the knee, particularly the patella. This Vulkan knee support helps to relieve the pain of patella symptoms, unstable and medial or lateral ligaments, and cartilage damage.

Additional Information :

Product size

X SMALL 26cm-30cm
SMALL 30cm-35cm
MEDIUM 35cm-40cm
LARGE 40cm-45cm
X LARGE 45cm-50cm