Vulkan Knee Support 5mm Neoprene Knee Tendon Pain Brace
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  • Contoured three piece design.
  • Doesn't restrict movement.
  • 5mm thick.
  • Provides localized support and compression avoiding unnecessary compression of areas where it is not needed.
  • Provides comfort to the knee muscles & tendons by retaining heat and increased circulation.



The Vulkan knee support is a popular and effective knee support for controlling minor amounts of swelling around the knee joint following injury. The contoured three piece design provides a comfortable fit, does not restrict movement and is thick enough for maximum support. The Vulkan knee support can be used for daily lifestyles and sporting activities to provide support and prevent injury, as well as to provide support and assist healing following a knee injury, such as sprains and twists.

Additional Information :

Product size

X SMALL 26cm-30cm
SMALL 30cm-35cm
MEDIUM 35cm-40cm
LARGE 40cm-45cm
X LARGE 45cm-50cm