Vulkan Knee Support Patella Stabilizer Knee Tendon Injury Pain Relief
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  • Helps provide stability around the knee.
  • The compression strap provides added support and stability.
  • Open patella design relieves the pressure on patella.
  • Provides comfort to the knee muscles & tendons by retaining heat and increased circulation.
  • Doesn't limit movement.



This neoprene support helps provide stability around the knee with its flexible spiral stays. Vulkan's aerotherm neoprene ranges of supports are designed to provide optimum amount of heat, support and compression. Featuring quality neoprene with uniform cell wall construction and even compression grade material, the products offer the best possible combination which is invaluable in helping prevent soft tissue injuries or helping them repair if already injured. Vulkan neoprene features a unique spiral lining which is critical in removing excess sweat to create a near normal environment around the injury. This aids recovery by giving a micro massage to the injured joint, constantly activating your skins receptors to enhance the feeling of support.

Additional Information :

Product size

SMALL 30cm-35cm
MEDIUM 35cm-40cm
LARGE 40cm-45cm
X LARGE 45cm-50cm